Sunday, February 15, 2015

Doors of Morocco

What a fascinating land Morocco is, and in more ways than one!  I was charmed by its colors and the incredible creativity of its people.  One thing that struck me immediately and more than anything else was the charming beauty of  the Moroccan doors, from grand entrances to palaces to simple doors on adobe homes, or just barns and storage places.  I've been pondering what the culture of embellishing doors tells about its people.  Does a beautiful door speak of hospitality, vanity? pride?  tradition?  Probably a little about each.  I wanted to present here a kaleidoscope of the most striking doors I came across during a recent trip to Morocco, but the format of this blog is not photo-friendly.   I hope the beauty and harmony of the doors you see here will compensate for the haphazard way in which the photos are scattered.  You can enlarge each photo by clicking on it to better enjoy the detail.  





















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